THE BEAN™ is an all natural penetrating sealer for concrete and wood surfaces As mentioned in Concrete...


THE BEAN™ is an all natural penetrating sealer for concrete and wood surfaces

As mentioned in Concrete Construction Magazine: read article, THE BEAN™ produces a satin to transparent finish on wood surfaces and a transparent finish on concrete surfaces. This patented formula is designed to penetrate the pores of concrete and wood surfaces from which it quickly disperses water.

This method of protection does not bead water. THE BEAN™ has little or no harmful odor. This product is the most environmentally friendly of its kind. Overspray will not harm plants or animals. Time is saved by not having to cover plants or applying by roller.


When applied according to label instructions, this product will provide 1 year protection for wood and 2 years protection for concrete surfaces.


Where to use

  • Wood – Decks, docks, fences, playground equipment, outdoor furniture, picnic tables, gazebos, and pergolas
  • Concrete – Driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, dog kennels, outdoor furniture, and stamped concrete surfaces.

THE BEAN® is also used as an additional guard against rapid surface evaporation for pervious concrete prior to the plastic 7 day cover.



  • WoodRemove any residual membrane sealer from the surface to be treated. New pressure treated lumber should be lightly pressure washed after thirty days. Allow 60 days before freshly stained wood is treated.
  • Concrete – Remove any residual membrane sealer or curing compound from the surface to be treated. Allow the concrete surface to dry. Remove all oil stains.



THE BEAN® is a ready to spray mixture and thinning shouldn’t be necessary. Choose a day with a 24 hour rain free window of weather. Because the product is water-based, a hard rain could re-emulsify the oil and dilute the protection. Stir or agitate product thoroughly prior to application.

Product that has been stored longer than six months may require more agitation.

When using a garden sprayer, apply lightly at first and let the material penetrate the surface. A second light application may be applied if desired.

THE BEAN® should initially leave a yellow milky film which is the natural color of the soybean oil. This will disappear as the material penetrates the surface. Areas where coverage is too heavy can be rolled or wiped away with a clean rag to avoid a slipping hazard.

Coverage depends on surface porosity. Typical coverage for an aged wood deck is approximately 100sq.ft./gallon and 200sq.ft./gallon for exterior broom finished concrete. Stamped concrete will be higher.


Drying Time

Depending on ambient and surface conditions, a typical 70 degree day with 70% humidity could range from 45 to 90 min. before being subjected to foot traffic. Auto traffic is allowed when the surface is completely dry.



Soap and water cleanup is all that is necessary.



Soy oil, surfactant, and water.



Store THE BEAN® where it will not freeze. THE BEAN is non-flammable, biodegradable, non-toxic, has no V.O.C.’s, and is extremely environmentally friendly.