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Welcome to C2 Products.

This company is dedicated to supplying the highest quality products for use in the concrete industry. The founder, Jim Miller, has more than 20 years experience in this area of construction. Jim is also the only NRMCA certified Pervious Craftsman in Indiana and one of a handful in the nation. He is also pioneering the decorative pervious concrete methods and market with C2 Construction. Headquartered in Cicero, Indiana, we are always looking for representatives and distributors throughout North America.

Home of The Bean® concrete and wood water-repellant

THE BEAN® produces a satin to transparent finish on wood surfaces and a transparent finish on concrete surfaces. This patented formula is designed to penetrate the pores of concrete and wood surfaces from which it quickly disperses water. This method of protection does not bead water. THE BEAN® has little or no harmful odor. This product is the most environmentally friendly of its kind. Overspray will not harm plants or animals. Time is saved by not having to cover plants or applying by roller. Click here for soybean sealers

What is Pervious Concrete?

Essentially, Pervious Concrete is structural concrete pavement that “drinks” water. Water can pass through it rather than run off into storm drains carrying oil and other pollutants with it. Pervious Concrete has a porous structure allowing rainwater to pass directly through the pavement, into a storage layer of stone underneath, then into the soil naturally. This specific type of concrete filters and cleans storm water before it reaches water stored beneath the earth.
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C2 Products at the Indiana State fairgrounds this year!

“In addition to its importance to water quality and storm water management, the Pervious Concrete display at the fairgrounds has another great Indiana agriculture tie to it. An environmentally safe soybean water-repellent, “THE BEAN®” was applied to the Pervious Concrete after it was poured to help protect the surface, especially during the curing period. THE BEAN® is manufactured in Indiana from Indiana soybeans and is distributed by C2 Products, Inc., located in Noblesville, Ind. THE BEAN® is safe for plants and animals. …” Read the entire press release here.